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Adult League Schedule

Please Remember
  • Congrats Winter 2022 Champs: Pink Whitney (Gold), Overrated (Silver), Buckaroos (Bronze Comp), Rain City HC (Bronze Rec)
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  • Schedules are subject to change. Please check your schedule before your game.
  • Next Session begins Oct 2nd. EB Deadline Monday September 26th. Click here to Register
  • Effective as of 7-1-22 hockey late fee of $50 will be added to any player who has not paid before they play.
  • Effective as of 7/19/22 there will be a No Show Fee of $100 charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee more than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled game. The fee must be paid in full before the team takes the floor for their next game.
Schedule - 2nd Half

Please Note that there are No Games July 3, 4 and Sept 4, 5
Games on 7/31, 8/1 cancelled due to extreme heat - rescheduled to Sept 11, 12

Week 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   Makup (7/31) PLAYOFFS FINALS
Sunday 10-Jul 17-Jul 24-Jul 31-Jul 7-Aug 14-Aug 21-Aug 28-Aug 11-Sep 18-Sep 25-Sep
4:35 PM 7v10 9v10 8v10 3v4 10v9 8v10 7v10 10v9 3v4 B Comp 1v4 B Rec 2 v Winner (3v6)
5:30 PM 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+ 35+
6:25 PM 2v6 2v3 5v6 1v6 2v1 3v5 4v6 2v4 1v6 B Comp 2v3 B Rec 1v Winner (4v5)
7:20 PM 9v8 5v3 7v9 2v5 4v5 1v4 1v5 5v6 2v5 B Rec 3v6 B Comp Final
8:15 PM 1v4 5v1 2v4 9v8 3v6 7v9 2v3 1v3 9v8 B Rec 4v5 Silver 1v Winner (4v5)
9:10 PM 14v16 4v6 1v3 9v10 7v8 2v6 8v9 7v8 9v10 x Silver 2 v Winner (3v6)
10:05 PM x 7v8 x 7v10 x x x x 7v10 x x
Notes 3, 5 Byes 3, 5 Doubles   9, 10 Doubles       5/15 makeup 9, 10 Doubles    
MONDAY 11-Jul 18-Jul 25-Jul 1-Aug 8-Aug 15-Aug 22-Aug 29-Aug 12-Sep 19-Sep 26-Sep
6:55 PM 12v13 11v16 12v14 11v12 12v16 12v15 17v19 12v13 11v12 Gold Seed 1v4 Gold final
7:50 PM 19v18 19v20 17v19 14v15 17v18 11v16 18v20 19v18 14v15 Gold Seed 2v3 Silver final
8:45 PM 17v20 17v18 18v20 13v16 19v20 13v14 11v15 17v20 13v16 Silver 3v6 B Rec Final
9:40 PM 11v15 13v14 15v16 17v20 13v15 19v18 14v16 11v14 17v20 Silver 4v5  
10:35 PM x 12v15 11v13 x x x x x x x x
Notes       18, 19 bye 11, 14 bye 17, 20 bye 12, 13 bye 15,16 bye 18, 19 bye    

Bronze REC:    1. Medium Speed Zombies       2. Hammerheads        3.  Team Green      4.  Rain City HC      5. Black Knights    6. Vicious Gents    
Bronze COMP:    7. Rotten Tomatoes      8. Buckaroos      9. Exploding Whales   10. NW Stars
Silver:   11. Overrated      12. Wild Clappers       13. Trash Pandas    14. At Least We're Handsome    15. Smoking Guns    16. Toe Dragons
Gold:   17. Pink Whitney        18. Thunder Monkeys    19. Usual Suspects     20. Team Red

League Champs