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Adult League Schedule

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 playoffs
Sunday 4-Jun 11-Jun 18-Jun 25-Jun 2-Jul 9-Jul 16-Jul 23-Jul 30-Jul 6-Aug 13-Aug 20-Aug 27-Aug 3-Sep 10-Sep 17-Sep 24-Sep 1-Oct
6:35 PM 3v5 5v6 6v2 7v6 x 2v5 5v6 1V6 1v3 6v3 6v2 5v6 7v5 x 2v5 5V1 3v5 B Seed 2 v (3v6)
7:30 PM 1v6 1v2 1v3 3v2 x 6v3 1v2 3v2 2v5 5V1 3v5 1v2 1V6 x 7v6 6v3 6v2 B Seed 1 v (4v5)
8:25 PM 8v12 8v10 12v8 5V1 x 12v8 8v10 12v10 12v8 8v10 12v10 12v8 3v2 x 1v3 8v10 7v1 S 1v4
9:20 PM - - - - x - - - - - 12v11 14v17 - x 12v10 14v17 10v12 S 2v3 
MONDAY 5-Jun 12-Jun 19-Jun 26-Jun 3-Jul 10-Jul 17-Jul 24-Jul 31-Jul 7-Aug 14-Aug 21-Aug 28-Aug 4-Sep 11-Sep 18-Sep 25-Sep 2-Oct
6:55 PM 2v7 11v12 7v5 13v14 x 13v15 13v17 7v5 7v6 2v7 13v14 3v7 13v17 x 11v8 2v7 Bronze Seed 3v6 Gold Final
7:50 PM 8v11 13v15 11v10 8v11 x 11v10 11v12 8v11 14v17 15v14 8v11 13v15 15v14 x 11v12 11v10 Bronze Seed 4v5 Silver Final
8:45 PM 13v14 3v7 13v17 12v10 x 14v17 3v7 13v14 11v10 13v17 15v17 13v17 8v10 x 13v14 13v15 G 1v4 Bronze Final
9:40 PM 15v17 14v17 15v14 15v17 x 7v1 15v14 15v14 13v15 11v12 7v1 11v10 11v12 x 13v17 14v15 G 3v4
10:35 PM               15v17   11v10         15v17      

Bronze: 1. Koopa Troopas       2. Muggers      3. Medium Speed Zombies           5. Buckeroos       6. Mallards      7. Flyboys
Silver:   8. Smoking Guns      10. Silverado      11. Perfect Storm      12. At Least We're Handsome      
Gold:   13. Retro Titans       14. Usual Suspects      15. Thunder Monkeys         17. Riot Army

Odd Team Schedule Rule: When a division has an odd number of teams, one team will have to play an extra (16th) game. That team, which is chosen randomly, will not have that 16th game count towards their standings. However, the team that they play will have the game (their 15th) count toward their standings

League Champs