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Coed Recreational League Schedule

Please Remember
COED REC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
SATURDAY 21-Jan 28-Jan 4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb 4-Mar 11-Mar
4:40 PM 4v13 4v6 12v8 4v11 8v11 4v12 1v4 7v12
5:30 PM 8v3 4v3 12v3 6v3 3v13 7v3 2v3 11v3
6:20 PM 6v7 5v12 1v7 1v3 5v4 1v8 5v7 6v13
7:10 PM 5v2 2v8 2v6 2v7 7v10 2v10 6v10 8v9
8:00 PM 9v2 1v9 10v11 8v10 9v12 9v13 9v11 8v5
8:50 PM 11v1 10v13 13v5 9v5 1v6 5v11 12v11 2v4
9:40 PM 10v12 7v11 4v9 12v13 1v2 5v6 8v13 1v10
Doubles 2 4 12 3 1 5 11 8

Teams: 1. Cheeky Chipmunks (white)     2. Sneaky Monkeys (white)     3. Cream Puffs (blue)      4. Locomotrin (green)      5. B & B's (black)      6. Thanks, Obama! (yellow)      7. Sporting Abeergut (blue or white)      8. Teach 2 Minors (red)      9. Has Beens (black or white)         10. FC Squat (yellow)      11. Cobras (green)      12. FC Black Metal (green)      13. Stephon SeagullĀ 

Please remember to pay the Ref $9 prior to each game
ALL TEAM FEES ARE DUE WEEK 1 (BEFORE YOUR GAME) Please allow time to get your fees paid before game time, or use the button below to pay online.
There will be a No Show Fee of $20 charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee more than 48 hrs in advance of the scheduled game

Saturday Night Coed Recreational Soccer House Rules: These rules are being put in place in order to make playing indoor soccer at Indoor Goals an enjoyable experience for all participants.
The Macho Rule: If the referee feels that any player threatens, intimidates or places in jeopardy another by his or her style of play, a free kick will be awarded (if warranted, a 2-minute penalty may be issued). Be advised that a powerful shot on goal may be JUST such a situation. The enforcement of this rule is solely at the discretion of the referee.
Two Line (Clearing) Rule: Any kicked ball that travels (IN THE AIR) more than two lines will cause the offending team to lose possession. The ball will be placed on the first line the ball crossed with the opposing team having a free kick.
Scoring Limit: No player may score more than two goals per game in Coed Recreational

You must be 16 years old or older to play in Adult Leagues at Indoor Goals. Indoor Goals reserves the right to ask for proof of age.

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