40+ Division Schedule Hockey

Hockey 40+ Division

Games resume June 16. Click HERE for our new procedures/game format

Week Practice 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tuesday 9-JUn 16 June 23 June 30 June 7 July 14 July 21 July 28 July
6:10 PM



2v3 2v3 1v2 2v3 2v3 1v2 2v3
6:40 PM 1v3 2v1 3v2 1v3 2v1 3v2 1v3
7:10 PM 1v2 3v1 3v1 1v2 3v1 3v1 1v2

Teams: 1. Gerihatricks (Black-Boymel)       2. Stick Magnets (White-La Crosse)    3. Sons of Arthritis (Blue-Schmidt)    

Season #2 Reg Due: Tuesday, July 21
Season #2 Draft Night: Tuesday, July 28 at 7:40pm
Season #2 starts the following week, Tuesday, Aug 4


This league is designed for players over 40 years old on the first day of the session. *Players 38+ are eligible for the inagural session and will be grandfathered into the following sessions. The league operates in a true draft style format, so each team will contain a mix of all player skills, with all teams being very close in overall skill level. This creates a fun and competitive playing environment, great for players who may not have a team to play with regularly, for players looking to play an extra night of the week, and a great way to meet new people.

  • When registering for the Draft League (DL), players will be required to list their age, preferred position, and if they would like to be a team captain.
  • Once registration for the league has closed a lottery will take place to select the team captains (from all that indicated they would like to captain a team).
  • On 3/3/2020 the DL will hold its Draft Night, where all players will participate in an organized scrimmage conducted by the Indoor Goals Hockey staff.
  • Each of the team captains will observe the scrimmage, as a means of observing all of the players available for the draft. IG will provide an info sheet of players and their IG rating and current league team for captain reference.
  • Immediately following the scrimmage, the DL will conduct an organized draft where each team captain will have short timed window to make each roster selection (timing the selections will ensure a quick draft process). The lowest rated captain will pick first.
  • The team with the lowest team rating will have first pick of goaltender.
  • Once completed, the team rosters will be announced, as well as the team names, which each team captain will be allowed to select (either by themselves or with consultation from their new teammates).
  • Jerseys will then be handed out to each team, which are provided by the DL for all skaters.
  • The DL will be restricted in not only player age, but also in the number of teams competing (no more than six total). Each team will have no less than 7 players per roster (6 players and 1 goaltender), but no more than 9 players (8 players and 1 goaltender).
  • The regular season will consist of 7 games, and upon completion, the top two teams will play in a championship game, with the other teams playing a consolation game.
  • Each playing season moving forward, the same process will take place, with the draft taking place on the previous session’s championship night.
  • League management reserves the right to allow goalies under 40 if there is a 40+ goalie shortage.