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Referees needed! Please contact Todd if you are interested

Adult IDC Schedule


IDC: Non competitive, game format league. No refs and no score kept. Teams chosen at random each week. IDC League has a 16 game session

  • Monday IDC meets every Monday at 5:55pm-6:55pm
  • Next Session Early bird deadline Monday Monday May 23rd, 2022; Session Start: Monday June 6th, 2022
  • Early Bird Registration Price: $249 (for skaters)
  • League Registration Price: $289 (for skaters)
  • Goalie Rate: $129. (not eligible for early bird discount)

  • To REGISTER for MONDAY IDC League click the link below or contact us!

      MONDAY IDC Registration         Click the button for online registration OR fill out and return with payment this Adult IDC Registration Form