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Tournament Format

IG Invitational May 26-28, 2023 , Registration due Friday 5/12/23
IG Invitational Inline Hockey Tournament is an opportunity for Northwest roller hockey teams to come together for a weekend full of great competition and fun.
Adult Divisions: Open, Rec, 35+
Divisions may be combined if necessary.

Cost: $575 per team if the deposit is paid by 5/7. $625 per team after 5/7.
Registration with $100 nonrefundable deposit due Sunday, May 12th

Format:Three Game Minimum
Three 12 minute periods, running clock, with 1 minute between periods.
Stoppage time in the last minute of the third period if the score is within 1 goal.
2 points for a Win. 1 point for a Tie
Team rankings are based on Points and then the following tiebreakers:
1) Head to Head 2)Most Wins 3) Fewest Goals Allowed 4)Time of 1st goal 'in the tournament'
Pool games can end in a tie

Playoffs: 2 minute sudden death overtime, then 3 player shootout and if tied, all rostered players will shoot until tie is broken.
Finals: 5 minute sudden death overtime, then 3 player shootout and if tied, all rostered players will shoot until tie is broken.
Rules: All rules are in compliance with USA Hockey's Rules for inline hockey. Click here for USA Hockey Inline Hockey Rules


Iron Man Tournament - Let us know if you're interested! None scheduled at this time.
Tournament Format

Iron Man Format
There’s a race to the puck to start all games.
- Max of 5 skaters, plus a goalie per team.
- 12-minute running clock, except for penalty shots, with less than one minute remaining in regulation.
- ANY and ALL penalties equal a penalty shot.
- Penalty shots: Shooter starts on blue line. ALL players are to be frozen on the centerline until shooter touches the puck.
- Seeding games can end in a tie
- No face offs except for OT starts in playoff and Championships games tied at the end of regulation.
- Playoff and championship games go into a shootout. Players will shoot in the same order until a winner is determined.
- Play resumes automatically after the goalie has covered the puck and the ref blows the whistle. Opposing players MUST back off AND NOT PLAY THE PUCK IF THE PUCK IS BEHIND THE BASELINE (as in Gretzky’s office). If a team uses Gretzky’s office as a stalling tactic with less that 30 seconds left in the game, the referee will loudly tell players they have five (5) seconds to play the puck across the baseline or the apposing team can cross the line to challenge the play. The referee MUST loudly count up from one (1) to five (5) so everyone is aware of the timing.


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IG Invitational 2023 Division Champions
Oregon Open 2019 Division Champions
Oregon Open 2018 Division Champions
Oregon Open 2017 Division Champions