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Coed Competitive League Schedule

Please Remember
  • Congrats Fall 2 2018 Champs:Purple People Eaters! PPE beat 11 Squirrels 4-3 in the finals.
  • Schedules are subject to change. Please check your schedule before your game.
  • No unbagged balls allowed off the playing field and cover all activity watches
  • Use/Subscribe to #IGSoccerSub when looking for subs!
COED COMP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
TUESDAY 11-Dec 18-Dec 25-Dec 1-Jan 8-Jan 15-Jan 22-Jan 29-Jan 5-Feb 12-Feb 19-Feb
8:00 PM 3v4 1v4 x x 3v6 4v7 1v6 4v5 3v7 1v2 seeds 1v2
8:50 PM 1v2 3v5 x x 1v7 2v6 5v7 6v7 2v5 3v4 seeds 3v4
9:40 PM 5v6 2v7 x x 2v4 1v5 2v3 1v3 4v6 5v6 seeds 5v6
Byes 7 6 x x 5 3 4 2 1 10:30p: 5v7 seeds 6v7

Teams: 1.    Blue Tequila (blue)       2. Purple People Eaters          3. 11 Squirrels      4.  Phil's Fault (orange or green)       5. The Blizzard (dark)     6. Hillsboro City FC   7. Aloha FC
Please remember to pay the Ref $9 prior to each game
ALL TEAM FEES ARE DUE WEEK 1 (BEFORE YOUR GAME) Please allow time to get your fees paid before game time, or use the button below to pay online.
There will be a No Show Fee of $20 charged to any team who does not speak directly to an Indoor Goals employee more than 48 hrs in advance of the scheduled game

  Pay League Fee Online

No Team P W D L F A GD PTS
  Purple People Eaters                
  11 Squirrels                
  Blue Tequila                
  The Blizzard                
  Phils Fault                
  Hillsboro City FC                
  Aloha FC                

Coed Comp Standings: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a Draw
P=Games Played; W=Wins; D=Draw; L=Loss; F=Goals For; A=Goals Against; GD=Goal Differential; Pts=Points
Odd Team Schedule Rule: When a division has an odd number of teams, one team will have to play an extra (8th) game. That team, which is chosen randomly, will not have that 8th game count towards their standings. However, the team that they play will have the game (their 7th) count toward their standings.
Red Card Policy: Any player on your team who receives a RED CARD, will not only be ejected from the game, will serve a minimum of 2-week or 2 game suspension from all divisions, and will be fined $25, but will also lose 2 points on your team standings. This includes any player that has been picked up to help your team out for the game.
Team rankings (seeds) are based on Points and then the following tiebreakers:
1) Most Wins 2) Head to Head 3) Goals Against (GA) 4) Goals For (GF)
League games can end in a tie. Finals (if tied after regulation): 2 minute overtime, then 4 player penalty kicks

Date Time Home Score Score Away
12/11/2018 8:00 PM        
12/11/2018 8:50 PM        
12/11/2018 9:40 PM        

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